ICAP Proxy Security

Lightweight proxy extension for secure web traffic and HTTP Proxy

ICAP Proxy Security provides a reliable protection by scanning,
filtering and if necessary, blocking access to files coming from
or going to the Internet.

How it works
With some of these benefits
Real time scanning and filtering of data traffic to and from the Internet
Ideal solution for SQUID and other ICAP Clients
Integrated machine learning for risk evaluation
Integrates with Avira Protection Cloud
Delivers >99.99% threat detection

Avira’s ICAP Proxy Security provides real-time scanning and filtering of files to and from the Internet

ICAP Proxy Security allows you to get to market quickly, avoiding the costs and delays associated with in-house development, by leveraging the experience and knowledge gained from Avira’s 30 years protecting consumers

An ideal technology for those vendors looking to build their own branded solution without the burden of having to undertake low level integration

Perfect for integration in complex security solutions such as Unified Threat Management, Next Generation Firewall or web filtering solutions

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Avira’s NightVision is a hugely powerful cloud-based AI technology platform capable of analyzing files in over 8,000 dimensions, delivering super-fast categorisation of threats.

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