On Premises

Avira’s solutions for On-Premise deployment bring the  benefits of local malware detection and full AI / machine learning to ultra-private networks.

ICAP Proxy Security

Scan traffic to and from the internet, and benefit from zero-day threat detection with the Avira Protection Cloud. 

Avira ICAP Proxy Security solution is an ideal technology for vendors and enterprises looking to build or deploy their own branded solution without the burden of having to perform low level integration.

Designed for use on the internet connection, ICAP Proxy Security scans and filters files to and from the internet using Avira's award-winning antivirus engine. Delivered as a binary package, and offering seamless integration with SQUID and other ICAP clients, it is eay to integrate simply by configuring the ICAP port and the license file. 


Flexible deployment
Runs on all major Linux distributions (RedHat, Ubuntu, Suse, Debian) and Intel- compatible processors.

Fully  compatible
Works with SQUID and many other ICAP clients.

High performance
Designed from the outset for high performance, reliability, and low resource usage.

Scan any file
Scan and filter on file extension and requested content type.


Private anti-malware service
Designed for secure and offline network applications. Protect the privacy of your most confidential data.

Powerful malware detection
Combines powerful malware analysis techniques to deliver a highly robust and accurate probability estimate of an artefact being malware.

In-house AI
Your own AI-enabled cybersecurity solution powered by  Avira's NightVision, Avira's third-generation machine learning engine, privately and on-premises.

High-performance scanning
Real-time malware scanning using Avira’s Advanced Heuristics Engine, capable of more capable of analyzing files far more thoroughly than any endpoint system.

Simply add more virtual appliances to add scalability to your analysis capabilities.

Simple to use
Start on a hypervisor, configure the network routes, and go.

NightVision Virtual Appliance

Designed for completely private networks, the NightVision Virtual Appliance brings the industry’s most mature machine learning model to your own network for powerful in-house malware analysis.

Avira’s NightVision Virtual Appliance removes the need to upload suspicious files to a cloud anti-malware service for zero day and advanced persistent threat analysis, ensuring your most private data remains private.


Protecting the smart home

Avira's SafeThings allows service providers and router manufacturers to protect customers' smart homes from IoT threats.

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AI and machine learning

Machine learning on the endpoint and in the cloud is one of the core technologies we use to protect people in the connected world.

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Avira Protection Cloud

At the heart of Avira's anti-malware and threat intelligence systems lies the Avira Protection Cloud.

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Avira scan technology

Find out how Avira’s scan engines utilize the most advanced machine learning, heuristics and generics. 

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Data protection 

Understanding how to protect customer data, and build a licensing model is an important part of a technology partnership.

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