Data Security

A certified commitment to data privacy

With data centres based in Germany, Avira’s customers
benefit from some of the highest standards
of data privacy in the world.

How it works

Avira’s cloud security services are accessible world-wide, but located in Germany, providing the assurance to our users of some of the strongest privacy laws in the world.

The German Ministry of the Interior “No Spy” Declaration ensures customer data is anonymized wherever possible and stays within Germany.

Avira is a holder of TeleTrusT's ‘IT Security made in Germany’ seal. Our “No Backdoor” commitment to software development, combined with Avira’s declaration to BSI (Federal Office for Information Security) to allow analysis of our source code to ensure ‘no backdoor’, assures you we deliver some of the most secure code available.

A ‘black box’ approach to security using analytical techniques not released to the public allows Avira’s technology partners to benefit from 99.9% detection and extended times before service degradation from the Avira Protection Cloud.

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exceeding 99.99% threat detection and prevention

The industry's most powerful local scan engines and Cloud services powered by NightVision
our third-generation Machine Learning platform.

Cross Platform SDKs

Cloud-Based Services


Cross platform embedded anti-malware SDK


Embedded anti-malware SDK for Android


Server with SAVAPI
Local scan engine for Internet traffic and HTTP Proxy


Zero Day and Advanced Persistent Threat detection and prevention


API to help you identify and protect againts malicious websites.

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Highly optimized for performance, the SAVAPI SDK allows you to integrate
Avira’s award winning malware protection into your security systems, simply and quickly.

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