Swarm Intelligence

100 million sensors worldwide contribute
to Avira’s massively scaled detection network

Avira has built a globally distributed machine learning
network delivering swarm intelligence to identify threats
as they emerge in real time.

How it works

Each and every day, Avira identifies and protects its customers and partners against more than 300,000 malicious files. Our world-wide sensor network comprises of more than 100 million Internet attached devices protected by Avira’s Anti-Virus software. As users surf, browse, shop, stream, download and chat, they will come across files which contain previously unseen malware – Zero Day threats – data which Avira uses to build the world’s best protection against new and evolving threats.

By themselves, stand-alone anti-virus scanners can’t identify Zero Day threats - but when connected into a world-wide, cloud-based threat detection system, the individual anti-malware engines form part of a greater swarm intelligence that protects individuals and Avira technology partners alike.

Each endpoint uses Machine Learning to classify threats, and works in conjunction with the Avira Protection Cloud, to identify known files within a few hundred milliseconds, and deliver a robust classification of any file to the originator within moments.

The entire network of Avira Protection Cloud attached devices – individual clients, firewalls, website scanners etc. are updated within minutes of new threats being seen in the wild.

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exceeding 99.99% threat detection and prevention

The industry's most powerful local scan engines and Cloud services powered by NightVision
our third-generation Machine Learning platform.

Cross Platform SDKs

Cloud-Based Services


Cross platform embedded anti-malware SDK


Embedded anti-malware SDK for Android


Server with SAVAPI
Local scan engine for Internet traffic and HTTP Proxy


Zero Day and Advanced Persistent Threat detection and prevention


API to help you identify and protect againts malicious websites.

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Highly optimized for performance, the SAVAPI SDK allows you to integrate
Avira’s award winning malware protection into your security systems, simply and quickly.

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