Smart Homes

Avira SafeThings™ empowers home router manufacturers and internet service providers (ISPs) to create a secure environment for their customers’ smart homes.

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Building Secure Smart Homes

Monitor and control the edge

How do we protect the home? By making the home router the monitoring and enforcement point. Running on top of the router’s firmware, SafeThings router agent provides the functionality to enforce highly granular security policies under the control of the SafeThings Protection Cloud.

Unlike more traditional approaches that rely on deep-packet inspection, SafeThings uses next-generation behavioral analysis algorithms to identify anomalies. It also helps to secure the router by scanning for known vulnerabilities. Above all, the Avira SafeThings router agent maintains consumer data privacy because it only monitors packet headers and records how traffic flows through the smart home network. It does not monitor what is in the payload.

Big data and machine learning

Avira uses uses big data and machine intelligence to profile devices in the home, detect and control anomalies in real time. The SafeThings Protection Cloud is the central store for all the detection, classification, categorization and traffic information reported by the SafeThings router agent. It uses advanced machine learning algorithms and behavioral analysis techniques to learn normal activity, classify usage patterns and detect anomalies.


User interface for consumers

An app enables the end user to manage their home security directly  on their mobile device. The SafeThings™ User Interface enables smart home owners to get an overview of all the devices connected to their network, monitor vulnerabilities and set custom rules. When events happen in the network the end user receives a notification within their mobile app, and can control their SafeThings protected network in real time.

Service provider insight and management

The Avira SafeThings™ Insights and Management Centre is an optional custom- developed reporting tool for internet service providers. It enables a wide variety of data reporting from Avira SafeThings which can be provided via API or as a fully tailored solution.


Protecting the smart home

Avira's SafeThings allows service providers and router manufacturers to protect customers' smart homes from IoT threats.

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