Partnering with Avira

We are passionate about helping you build world-class security solutions: enabling you to get to market quicker and protect your customers better.

Partner with Avira OEM

Why Partner with Avira?

We protect people. Our portfolio of best-in-class solutions enhance individuals’ protection, performance and online privacy. And we build OEM partnerships with the world’s most successful cyber-security companies.

Our focus on protecting people frees our OEM team to build business relationships that are unique in our industry: a relationship built on the foundation of non-competition, trust, flexibility and openness.

We are passionate about helping you build world-class security solutions: enabling you to get to market quicker and protect your customers better. 

It’s one of the many things that makes our OEM partnerships so successful.

Sales Support

The Avira OEM team comprises of experienced business development managers and expert system architects. We work to understand your needs and identify how our SDKs, APIs and threat intelligence  can be used to help you get to market quicker and protect your customers better.

Based in Europe, Asia and North America we have years of experience integrating our technologies and intelligence into the products and services of many of the world’s largest, smallest, and most successful companies. 

We take the time to understand your business, and we'll work with you to meet your technical and business objectives. We build a business relationship and licensing agreement unique to your needs and oversee the integration and ongoing operation of our technologies within your solutions.


Integration Support

Our OEM system architect and integration teams are based in our offices in the US, China, and Europe. Their job is to help you integrate Avira software technologies and threat intelligence into your own solutions and successfully launch them to the market. 

Our system architects have in-depth understanding of how to integrate an SDK into existing code, connect your systems to our APIs to enable you to access our intelligence, and integrate our threat feeds into your internal systems.

Every one of our partners have benefited from working with Avira’ systems architects to help bring their products and services to market. 

Global Technical Support

Avira’s Global Technical Support organization works closely with the local system architects and integration teams to provide our partners with 24x7 support. They specialize in handling complex integration and post-sales support incidents. The Avira Global Technical Support organization sits just a few meters from the engineering and development teams that create the code and develop the intelligence that you will use.  

Marketing support

Avira’s marketing team help promote both your company and your solutions to the market. Always open to joint marketing programs, we invite our partners to contribute to our Blog and promote their services and solutions to our social media community @Avira



With decades of experience in technology integration we’ve come to understand that the right license model is one of the most important elements to building a successful long-term relationship.

If you are just starting out with a new solution or service, a pay-per-use model or a revenue-share business and licensing model may help you to share risk or limit exposure. Some of our technology partners choose licensing based on a per device or per user model. Others choose licensing on throughput (Mbps), volume (number of connections, documents or files) or per appliance. Our business development managers help you to implement the model that best suits your business.