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White label and rebrand Avira’s successful consumer products as your own. White labelling enables you to offer your customers a proven way to protect their homes, their devices, their privacy and their information.

Avira SafeThings

Avira SafeThings™ empowers home router manufacturers and Internet service providers (ISPs) to create a secure environment for their customers’ smart homes.

SafeThings is a cloud-hosted behavioral threat intelligence platform which works with the home router to monitor, analyze, alert and protect consumers' smart homes from IoT threats. 

Service providers benefit from comprehensive report management options through the SafeThings Insights and Management Centre API. Consumers gain visibility and complete control over their home devices through a custom-developed mobile app. 


Router Agent
Installs on the majority of home routers, the agent is the collection and enforcement point protecting the smart home.

Behavioral analysis
Using big data and machine learning, SafeThings profiles devices, classifies, categorizes, and applies security policies to the home router agent.

Insight and Management
Powerful management and reporting tool that enables unparalleled visibility to smart home networks.

User App
Enables the home owner to manage their home security directly from an app on their mobile device.



Fully customizable
White-label product with client specific user Interface, logo, color etc.

Seamless integration into any customer OS.

Flexible deployment /licensing option
Available as a backend infrastructure only, or client and backend.

Multiple language support
Support available in more than 13 different languages globally.

Global server network
47+ worldwide server locations across 35+ countries.

Multi-Platform VPN

Avira’s Multi-Platform VPN provides software vendors with a market-leading VPN solution for the consumer market. Avira’s VPN client and separately licensable backend infrastructure provide a perfect opportunity for technology partners to establish their own VPN business, create a new service for an existing client base, add value to existing customer relationships, and acquire new users. The VPN backend infrastructure is independently accessible through an API, allowing it to be deployed either with your own client or Avira’s white-label client. 

Browser Safety Extension

Browser Safety from Avira safeguards your customers’ endpoints from malicious websites and content with a simple-to-install browser extension. Powered by the Avira URL Cloud, Browser Safety enables you to intercept browser requests without having to install software on endpoints or implement infrastructure to decrypt HTTPS flows.


Simple to implement
No additional software or infrastructure required.

User interface available in multiple languages.

Usage tracking
Integration option for MixPanel.

GDPR compliant
No personal data is stored.

Flexible implementation
Browser Safety can communicate directly with the Avira URL Cloud with minimal configuration or operate via a proxy service allowing greater control and analysis when required.

No complex intercept
Protects both HTTP and HTTPS sessions without additional endpoint software, or the complexity of session intercept with self-signed certificates.


Protecting the smart home

Avira's SafeThings allows service providers and router manufacturers to protect customers' smart homes from IoT threats.

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Data protection 

Understanding how to protect customer data, and build a licensing model is an important part of a technology partnership.

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