Machine Learning

Machine learning is how Avira scales the detection and classification of malware. It is one of the powerful techniques we use to protect our technology partners and their customers from threats. 

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Applying Machine Learning

Zero-day detection

At the heart of the Avira zero-day threat detection capability lies NightVisionTM, our machine learning system. Massively powerful and cloud based, it is capable of analyzing files in over 8,000 dimensions to deliver super-fast categorization of new threats.

NightVisionTM uses an ensemble of machine learning techniques because we’ve got the experience and skills in-house to choose the right model for the right job. The result is a system that benefits from super-low false positive rates and retraining times measured in minutes. This means we attain the highest levels of accuracy and our customers remain vulnerable to new malware for the shortest possible time.

High accuracy, end-point malware detection

Avira employs machine learning in our anti-malware SDKs to provide the most accurate local threat assessment possible. At the same time, it helps  deliver one of the smallest system footprints in the cybersecurity industry.

In the cloud, on networked or mobile devices, our MicroVisionTM and AndroidVisionTM machine learning models apply powerful analytical rules. These quickly create a risk profile for unknown files  and help decide whether further analysis is needed with the Avira Protection Cloud.



Feature engineering and extraction 

Feature engineering and extraction can be done by hand, and sometimes it needs to be automated.

It develops attributes that comprise of everything from the basics, such as file section size or entropy (obfuscation), to those derived from the structure, such as anomalies created by intended or unintended modifications to files artificially created by the malware author.

Avira malware analysts are experts in applying deep learning to feature engineering and extraction to uncover the unknown unknowns. Avira makes extensive use of some of the most advanced convolutional neural networks to automate and scale feature engineering and extraction.


Machine learning for behavioral analysis 

Avira collects vast amounts of anonymized data from its sensor networks. From our customers – consumers or business users-or from routers, firewalls and gateways, we get visibility into new and emerging malware. We collect metadata and apply machine learning to classify usage patterns and build a normalized model of use that detects anomalies. We do all of this to protect our users in the connected world.


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