Build your own hardware and software security solutions with our anti-malware SDKs and software utilities: Simple to integrate, and based on our award-winning technologies.

Endpoint Protection SDK for Windows

Bring a WindowsTM endpoint security product to market more quickly, and with less development risk, by using the Avira Endpoint Protection SDK.

Based on an award-winning antivirus solution, our Endpoint Protection SDK for Windows gives you access to the same anti-malware engine, modules and threat intelligence used by Avira, delivered as a simple to integrate and easy-to-use Windows service. It brings together all the detection modules you need to build you own-branded antivirus solution. This is delivered in a fully integrated package optimized to deliver high detection rates and low resource usage.

Already deployed on millions of endpoints globally, the platform meets the requirements of Microsoft's MVI program. This removes the need for separate certification and simplifies your route to market.


High level SDK
A single SDK delivers all the detection components you need to build a fully functional AV solution.  Just connect to your existing User Interface.

Quarantine and Remediation
Built-in quarantine and optional remediation module removes identified malware and helps to restore the system to a healthy state.

MVI Program approved
Platform pre-approval frees partners from meeting compliance to the Microsoft Virus Initiative Program. Cuts operation costs and simplifies operations.

AMSI enhances malware protection for users, applications, scripts and processes enabling the platform to become the anti-malware scanner for associated applications.

Enhanced Firewall
Built-in firewall adds application layer filtering and lightweight intrusion detection and protection capabilities.

Behavioral analysis
Leverages static and dynamic machine learning to help detect both polymorphic and Zero-day cyberthreats to the system.


Offline scanning
Offline scanning including signature based, heuristic, generic analysis, and machine learning.

False Positive Control
Exceptional false positive detections are identified in real-time and are prevented from impacting the performance of anti-malware scanning.

Simple and flexible integration
Fully documented and supported with library and daemon service modes.

Cross platform
Intel and ARM processors, Windows (32-Bit & 64-Bit), Linux & macOS support.

Integration with Avira Protection Cloud:
Integrated machine learning for local risk evaluation.

Lightweight scanning engine
One of the industry's smallest memory footprint.

Cross Platform Anti-malware SDK

The Avira cross-platform Anti-malware SDK (SAVAPI) is a platform that enables you to build a security solution on Windows, Mac, Linux systems, and supports both Intel and ARM processors.

It helps you protect your customers from malware & ransomware, and malicious phishing & web links embedded in content.

The cross platform Anti-malware SDK delivers a set of libraries that enables a fast integration of a powerful anti-virus engine and local machines learning system into your hardware and software security solutions.

Anti-malware SDK for Android

The Avira Anti-malware SDK for Android (MAVAPI) is ready for integration into Android platforms and can be used to scan for malware in any type of Android file.

It provides a simple way for application developers to add malware detection capabilities to the Android devices they support by scanning internal memory or external cards. This improves both the security and performance of the device by ensuring it is not running malware that consumes precious resources. 


Optimized for mobile devices (32/64 bits)
Designed for high performance, reliability, and low resource usage.

Small footprint for mobile devices
6 MB storage footprint on device, designed for mobile devices with low storage.

Optimized for fast scanning
Pre-filter APK hashes with Avira Protection Cloud for high performance.

Simple and flexible integration
Fully documented and available with Kotlin/Native interface and Java using JNI.

Own licensing mechanism and updater with HTTPS support.

Java Native Interface
JNI for access to the full functionality of the Avira Scan Engine.


Flexible deployment
Runs on all major Linux distributions (RedHat, Ubuntu, Suse, Debian) and Intel- compatible processors.

Fully  compatible
Works with SQUID and many other ICAP clients.

High performance
Designed from the outset for high performance, reliability, and low resource usage.

Scan any file
Scan and filter on file extension and requested content type.

ICAP Proxy Security

Scan traffic to and from the internet, and benefit from zero-day threat detection with the Avira Protection Cloud. 

Avira ICAP Proxy Security solution is an ideal technology for vendors and enterprises looking to build or deploy their own branded solution without the burden of having to perform low level integration.

Designed for use on the internet connection, ICAP Proxy Security scans and filters files to and from the internet using the Avira  antivirus engine. Delivered as a binary package, and offering seamless integration with SQUID and other ICAP clients, it is eay to integrate simply by configuring the ICAP port and the license file. 

File Unpacker SDK

Avira’s File Unpacker SDK, is one the industry’s most effective way to decompress and unpack files that may contain malware. The File Unpacker’s library adds powerful archive processing and is well suited to integration in third party security solutions. 

It is particularly suited to environments where multiple security solutions handle the same malware file. The File Unpacker SDK addresses the challenges that some solutions may have in parsing some archive formats. 


Cross Platform
Seamless integration into any customer OS.

Supports multiple archive types
Unpacks more than 45 container and archive types.

Simple and flexible integration
C-library with ANSI and UNICODE interfaces allow easy integration into any third-party security solution.

High Performance
Allows to register custom file operations (FOPS) for in-memory processing.

Easily configurable
Extracts files to configurable locations on hard disk.

No third-party dependencies
Runs on hardware with limited resources.


AI and machine learning

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Avira Protection Cloud

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Avira scan technology

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Data protection 

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