Cross platform embedded anti-malware SDK

Highly optimized for performance, the SAVAPI SDK allows you
to integrate Avira’s award winning malware protection into
your security systems, simply and quickly

How it works
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Small footprint optimized for performance and integration
64 and 32 bit Windows, Linux, MacOS, Open and free BSD
Integrated machine learning for risk evaluation
Integrates with Avira Cloud Security Services
Highest industry detection rates

Can be implemented as a local scan engine
as part of Avira’s Cloud Security Solution to detect
Zero Day and Advanced Persistent Threats

Implemented on your appliance and systems the SAVAPI SDK allows you to easily integrate Avira’s award winning anti-malware engine into your services and products.

SAVAPI allows you to get to market quickly, avoiding the costs and delays associated with in-house development. You can leverage the experience and knowledge gained from Avira’s 30 years protecting consumers.

The cross-platform SDK allows you to connect to the Avira Protection Cloud, delivering protection for your customers against Zero-day attacks, Advanced Persistent threats, and unknown malware.

Build your security offering on a platform that does not compete with your own solutions: Avira is unique in focussing only on the consumer market and technology partnerships.

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Our technologies

Artificial Intelligence

NightVision – Avira’s third generation Machine Learning AI is at the heart of Zero Day Threat Detection

Swarm Intelligence

100 million sensors contribute to Avira’s massively scaled detection network

Data Security

A certified commitment to data privacy


Plug-in technology to quickly remove Trojans, Worms, PUA or Malware

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Artificial Intelligence

Avira’s NightVision is a hugely powerful cloud-based AI technology platform capable of analyzing files in over 8,000 dimensions, delivering super-fast categorisation of threats.

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