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Build your own hardware and software security solutions with our anti-malware SDKs and software utilities: Simple to integrate, and based on our award-winning technologies.

Cross Platform Anti-malware SDK

Avira’s Anti-malware SDK (SAVAPI) provides your customers with the industry's best protection against local malware. Highly optimized for performance, it integrates with the Avira Protection Cloud to deliver zero-day and advanced persistent threat detection.

Built upon Avira’s award-winning technology, our cross platform Anti-malware SDK delivers a set of libraries enabling the fast integration of Avira’s anti-virus engine. and local machine learning system into hardware and software security solutions. 


Offline scanning
Offline scanning including signature based, heuristic, generic analysis, and machine learning.

False Positive Control
Exceptional false positive detections are identified in real-time and are prevented from impacting the performance of anti-malware scanning.

Simple and flexible integration
Fully documented and supported with library and daemon service modes.

Cross platform
Windows (64-bit & 32bit), Linux, MacOS, Free BSD, OpenBSD.

Integration with Avira Protection Cloud:
Integrated machine learning for local risk evaluation.

Lightweight scanning engine
The industry's smallest memory footprint.


Optimized for mobile devices
Designed for high performance, reliability, and low resource usage.

Own licensing mechanism and updater with HTTPS support.

Simple and flexible integration
Fully documented and available in native code and Java using JNI.

Java Native Interface
JNI for access to the full functionality of the Avira Scan Engine.

Anti-malware SDK for Android

Based on Avira’s award-winning scan engine, Avira's Anti-malware SDK for Android (MAVAPI) is ready for integration into Android platforms and can be used to scan for malware in any type of Android file.

Avira’s Anti-malware SDK for Android provides a simple way for application developers to add malware detection capabilities to the Android devices they support by scanning internal memory or external cards. This improves both the security and performance of the device by ensuring it is not running malware that consumes precious resources.


Protecting the smart home

Avira's SafeThings allows service providers and router manufacturers to protect customers' smart homes from IoT threats.

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AI and machine learning

Machine learning on the endpoint and in the cloud is one of the core technologies we use to protect people in the connected world.

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Avira Protection Cloud

At the heart of Avira's anti-malware and threat intelligence systems lies the Avira Protection Cloud.

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Avira scan technology

Find out how Avira’s scan engines utilize the most advanced machine learning, heuristics and generics. 

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Data protection 

Understanding how to protect customer data, and build a licensing model is an important part of a technology partnership.

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