Avira URL Cloud

Uncover and protect against malicious websites

Avira URL Cloud - categorising and identifying websites and URLs that pose
a threat to Internet users, accessed through a RESTful JSON API

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The Avira URL Cloud uses a simple RESTful JSON API to allow you to query if a website hosts malicious content in the moments between clicking a link and arrival on that site. Avira URL Cloud enables you to protect your customers without interfering with their web browsing experience.

Categorising more than 300,000 new URLs daily, the Avira URL Cloud uses a variety of sources including honeypots, industry partners, enquiries from the Avira sensor network and the source address of malicious binaries reported by the Avira Protection Cloud.

Hundreds of millions of URLs are already classified as containing malware, phishing, malicious search engines, or Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUA). Over its operational life, the Avira URL Cloud has already responded to billions of enquiries.

Simple to deploy, AUC reports that a URL is either blacklisted (it contains Malware, Phishing or Spam), that it contains Potentially Unwanted Applications or Potentially Malicious Search Engines, or that the URL is clean and safe.

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Our technologies

Artificial Intelligence

NightVision – Avira’s third generation Machine Learning AI is at the heart of Zero Day Threat Detection

Swarm Intelligence

100 million sensors contribute to Avira’s massively scaled detection network

Data Security

A certified commitment to data privacy


Plug-in technology to quickly remove Trojans, Worms, PUA or Malware

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Artificial Intelligence

Avira’s NightVision is a hugely powerful cloud-based AI technology platform capable of analyzing files in over 8,000 dimensions, delivering super-fast categorisation of threats.

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