API and Web Services

On-demand access to Avira's threat intelligence. Query the Avira Protection Cloud. Evaluate file hashes in real-time. Upload files for analysis, query URLs for threat classification.

File Reputation API

The File Reputation API enables technology partners to submit a file hash for evaluation or upload a file to the Avira Protection Cloud for analysis.

Hash enquiries are evaluated, and a result returned within tens of milliseconds. If the hash is unrecognized, the suspicious file can be sent to the Avira Protection Cloud for full analysis. 

Using a REST API, file uploads are assessed and a response containing the classification (its reputation: ‘malware’ or ‘clean’) returned typically within seconds. Analytical techniques used include a powerful heuristics engine, classification by Avira’s NightVision machine learning system, and behavioral analysis using Dynamic File Analysis.


Platform Agnostic
Accessed using a REST API, architected for both Premise-to-Cloud and Cloud-to-Cloud integration.

Real-time Response
Powerful hash evaluation technology and a database of over a billion entries provide immediate comparison with known threats.

File Upload
An option to upload all, or specific file types, and receive the analysis results (malware or clean) within seconds.

On-demand Threat Intelligence
Benefit from Avira’s threat intelligence database developed from three decades of malware analysis.

Powerful Analytical Techniques
Benefit from Avira’s years of experience in machine learning, our powerful cloud scanning engines, and virtualized environments that sandbox and emulate many key OS systems.

Secure and Reliable
Delivered from the cloud, it’s highly available, reliable and scalable.


Threat Classification
Includes Safe, Malware, Spam, PUA, Phishing and more.

Real-time Response
Typically within 10mS.

Content Categorization
400 categories compliant to IAB-1, tier 1 and tier 2.

Multi-language support
Requests supported in seven key languages.

Cost Effective
Local caching of white lists and exception lists avoids unnecessary queries.

Platform Agnostic
Accessed using a REST API, architected for both Premise-to-Cloud and Cloud-to-Cloud integration.

Web Reputation API

Avira’s Web Reputation API enables a real-time, site-specific query approach to identifying malicious URLs or inappropriate internet sites. The API provides an on-demand, usage-based alternative to a threat intelligence feed of web reputation data. It is an ideal solution for Security as a Service, firewalls, routers, email scanning, web traffic scanning and Internet content filtering.

Threat classifications inform whether a site or domain is blacklisted, contains PUA or is safe and clean. Content categorization delivers real time information on the domain compliant to IAB-1, tier 1 and 2.

Threat classification intelligence is also available as a simple to access AWS Marketplace service "URL Safety Cloud".

Cloud Sandbox API

In 2019, Avira’s Cloud Sandbox API will deliver detailed, file-specific, threat intelligence reports to threat analysts and incident response teams. It will provide valuable, actionable intelligence for enterprises and organizations who specialise in cybersecurity services, managed Security Operations Centers (SOC) or Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) services.

Avira’s Cloud Sandbox employs powerful Dynamic File Analysis™ systems to reveal the true intent of even the most obfuscated and hidden code. The highly sophisticated, secure, isolated and instrumented system accurately mimics all aspects of an end-user environment, defeating anti-analysis mechanisms, allowing code to execute fully.


On-demand Threat Intelligence
On-demand malware analysis service via a REST API.

Highly Scalable
Scale malware analysis without impacting internal systems or
having to purchase additional hardware.

Threat Intelligence Reports
Cloud Sandbox API delivers the most detailed analysis and intelligence of malware available.

Platform Agnostic
No local infrastructure, simple to integrate.

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